SYTYCD UCLA Gymnastics Style

Dear Ellen,
I know that I bring up SYTYCD a lot, but honestly, who doesn't? Personally, I think you should judge SYTYCD rather than American Idol. I mean, you did dance with them (not that I am jealous). Any who, this is Talia. She is another amazing gymnast at UCLA who also happens to be an incredible dancer. Talia always inspires me because her gymnastics improves so much each year. But the dancing, Ellen *psshh noise* we could totally do it right? So easy, sheesh.

So, I've decided that you should have your own version of SYTYCD on Ellen. The competitors should be a couple of the UCLA gymnasts. You could call it Gymnasts Who Think They Can Dance. Your could have the SYTYCD top 10 be the judges. They would kill it, don't you think? Damn, I'm good.

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