Chinese Spies Want Them! You know you do too!

Ah, so much has happened while you were on vacation this summer. And by vacation I mean, living it up on SYTYCD. Back injury my bootie. Pssssh.

Vanessa Zamarripa decided to go "elite" which is the highest level in gymnastics, the one that lets you qualify to the Olympics. And not only did she make it to the National Championship, but she made vault finals and made the National Team. She did this after working on elite routines for only a couple of months. And, she did a secret vault, the "Cheng" that has never been competed by any other American gymnast! Ever! I mean, she's basically a total badass Ellen. Witness below: 

Are you ready for the scandalous part? I thought you would be. So, Miss Val got a call from China. The Chinese press wanted to know how long Zam had been working on her "Cheng" vault. You see Ellen, the current Olympic vault bronze medalist is the originator of the vault, China's Cheng Fei. Zam is so awesome she has practically caused an international incident! Fascinating interview material for a talk show if you ask me.